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Bruno Maccallini was born on March 7, 1960 in Avezzano, Abruzzo, Italy.

Gratuated from the Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art in 1982, he was working as an actor, producer and theater director in Italy before gaining a strong popularity in Germany as a protagonist in successful TV movies.

He began his theatrical career with leading roles in many Plays in the great tradition of Italian comedy and working for many well-known directors.

In 1987 he made his film debut in Sotto, Sotto directed by Lina Wertmüller.

With his Company, he has also shot and produced numerous Art Documentaries for the German and Italian television (over 60 hours for RAI).

Together with his former partner, the actress Jutta Speidel, he has published 4 successful books with Ullstein Verlag in recent years, which, with sales of more than 100,000 copies, have conquered the top spots on the bestseller lists of the German paperback market.

He also published a portrait of the Italian provinces for Piper-Malik and a successful collection of recipes for Christian Verlag.

In 2014 he was appointed “Tourism Ambassador” by the Travel Industry Club and ITB Berlin. In 2021 He then became Artistic Director of the Antonello Falqui Association, which celebrates the giant-director of Italian television who died in Rome at the age of 94.

In the last years he’s also acclaimed for his vocal versatility: his Christmas single with singer Friederike Krum ‘Have Yourself A Merry Litte Christmas’ made No 1 in the German Classic charts 2021.

In 2023, together with Antonella Ottai, he began a work process that led to the realization of the KABARETT WEIMAR Trilogy. This cycle of performances also included a workshop titled DOES LAUGHTER LENGTHEN LIFE?, presented in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Rome and Teatro Vascello.

The triptych debuted at the Teatro Vascello in Rome in April 2024.



Long - Term Icon

A face, a personage, a rock-solid link with his audience which has lasted almost 30 years

He became well-konwn throughout Germany and several other european countries in the 1990s with the Nescafé Tv-commercials.

After a break of almost 30 years, the well-known advertising and the iconic character Angelo came back.

Nescafé’s new commercial ‘The Visit’ (2020-2021) aroused the strongest emotions among viewers. This is shown by an analysis by German System1 Research.

For this purpose, different commercials for coffee were tested and examined for their emotional strength. System1 Research conducted the study among 600 German consumers aged 18 to 65 in February 2020. In the end, Nescafé-Angelo won.

Bruno Maccallini processed more than 22 million GIF searches in 2020.